Saturday, September 6, 2014

Hot in Havana

One trip to the gorgeous island of Cuba just isn't enough. This year, I was able to stay a whole week and visit new places, but Havana, near the Malecon is always our home base.

This summer I visited the beautiful island of Cuba.  It's my second time back and the island is even more beautiful than I remembered it.  I actually spent my birthday there with a mojito in one hand and a Cohiba cigar in the other.  It's certainly hot in Havana in July but that's part of the appeal for me.  On this particular day, an afternoon thunderstorm rolled in while we strolled the grounds of the Hotel Nacional, the pretty cream colored building you see behind me in the photos.  I sought refuge in one of the bars and watched the rain and lightning over the ocean and the fort, or El Morro, across the bay.  I'd already done a lot of sight seeing earlier in the day and was now relaxing on the pretty grounds and drinking a Cuban beer. At this point, the rain was a welcome relief from the heat and entertaining to watch.  The storm rolled away and the sun appeared in time for a sunset stroll along El Malecon, the seawall lining the road along the ocean.  Taking a leisurely walk along the Malecon is a favorite activity of mine.  My father walked the same path as a boy with my grandfather over 50 years ago and I feel lucky to see what they saw.

For me, Havana inspires flirty floral dresses to pay homage to its glamorous image of the 50s... even better if the dress can float and swirl while doing a little salsa under the summer sun.  I found this dress at Forever 21 a couple years ago.  The wedges are by Clarks and one of the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn (that includes flats and sneakers).  I adore these shoes! 

If you are interested in traveling to Cuba and cannot go the route of Cuban-Americans or American citizens with family there (due to government restrictions), you can visit Insight Cuba for perfectly legal travel packages.  Everyone I know who's booked with them has had a great experience. The island of Cuba holds a special place in my heart and would love others to experience it for themselves. Hope you enjoyed the post!



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